Management Information

Board Of Directors & Organizations

BOD Members

- All members are covered by the directors' and officers' liability insurance.

BOD Members
Position Name Profile Date of inauguration Term
Representative Director Sung Su Jung Current) President & CEO, HS Ad Inc.
Current) President & CEO, LBEST LTD
New Appointment(Mar. 15, 2019) 3-year
Inside Director Kwang Ryun Song Current) GIIR CFO New Appointment(Mar. 20, 2020) 3-year
Non-Standing Director Jae Won Lee Current) Communication/Servicer Team at LG Corp. New Appointment(Mar. 15, 2019) 3-year
Non-Standing Director Jonathan Mills Current) Director, Corporate Development WPP APAC New Appointment(Oct. 30, 2020) 3-year
Outside Director Se jung Choi Current) Professor of Media Studies, Korea University New Appointment(Mar. 19, 2021) 3-year
Outside Director Chong Kil Na Current) Professor at the School of Business for
               Chonnam National University
Former) Auditor at Dentis
Re-Appointment(Mar.15, 2019) 3-year

BOD Committee

Audit Committee's Roles & Rights

- The roles and responsibilities of Audit Committee is to audit directors, and in order to exercise this right, each member refers to the Committee to vote.


Audit the directors job execution

- Audit accounting matters

- Audit lawfulness of jobs executed


Investigation rights on the company and its affiliated companies (Commercial Law Article 412 Section 2)

- Demand reporting on opreations

- Investigation financial matters of the company

Claim rights on stopping illegal acts of directors (Commercial Law Article 402)

- In case that directors may cause irreparable damage to the company by committing illegal acts

Rights to represent the company in litigation company versus directors (Commercial Law Article 394 Section 1)
Rights to call for shareholders' meeting (Commercial Law Article 412 Section 3-1)

- Present in writing to the committee, the objectives and purpose to hold a shareholders' meeting

Rights to nominate the appointment of external audit members (External Audit Law Article 4 Section 2)

- The Audit Committee instructs its roles and responsibilities to the Secretariat and seek the advice of experts when needed. (Commercial Law Article 514 Section 2-5)

01Voting by Audit Committee


  • - Investiate overall operatio of the company
  • - Investigate on financial status


  • Execute audit (Help from experts)
  • Completion of Audit

03Audit Report

Prepare Audit Report

  • - How audit was completed
  • - Results of the audit

The present condition of Committee

Audit Committee members

Audit Committee members
Name Date of inauguration Profile Outside Director Term
Chong Kil Na Re-Appointmen
(Mar.15, 2019)
Current) A professor at the School of Business for
               Chonnam National University
Former) Auditor at Dentis
O 3-year
Se jung Choi New Appointment
(Mar. 19, 2021)
Current) Professor of Media Studies, Korea University O 3-year
Jonathan Mills New Appointment
(Oct. 30, 2020)
Current) Director, Corporate Development WPP APAC X 3-year


신용등급 상세정보
Name Period term
Samjeong KPMG Jan.2019 ~ Dec. 2021 3 year

Audit Opinion

외부감사인 감사의견
Name Consolidated Non-Consolidated
2018 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2017 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2016 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2015 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2014 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2013 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion
2012 unqualified opinion unqualified opinion